This groundbreaking documentary series narrated by acclaimed actor Peter Coyote (80 movies, Ken Burns PBS documentaries, Apple iPad) takes you on a journey that begins with breakthroughs in neuroscience that are allowing us to understand love like never before. Compelling and unique social video experiments educate and entertain. World class experts like Dr. Helen Fisher (Google Analytics “World’s Most Quoted on Love” ), Deepak Chopra,M.D., Dr.Daniel Amen (PBS brain health expert) Dr. Stan Tatkin and Susan Johnson illuminate what drives our attractions…Why him? Why her?Dr. Rick Hansen says, “The brain is like velcro for the negative and teflon for the positive.” Neuroscience author-researcher Mark Waldman explains what God does to the brain.

The newest imaging systems show you the changes that occur in the brain with different stages of love and attraction. The powerful chemistry that’s generated is as addictive as cocaine. The experts weigh in on how technology affects love. Or does it?

Today we have a revolutionary perspective on romantic love. One that is optimistic and practical. Grounded in science it reveals that love is as vital to our existence as the air we breathe. It is exquisitely logical and understandable as well as adaptable and functional. 

Truths are explored, myths are exploded and the mysteries of love are embraced. Understanding more about love grants us the ability to experience the greatest joy life has to offer.