Video Samples

Peter Coyote explains cultural myths about romantic love, singles and love, and the flawed theory of genetic determinism. 

Dr. Helen Fisher, Google Analytics “World’s Most Quoted on Love” on love at first sight. Is it myth or truth?

Viraja Prema explains when devices are used unconsciously how they affect our brain and others around us negatively. 

Dr. Daniel Amen, author of 30 books explains how the brain in love makes powerful neuro-chemicals that are as addictive as cocaine.

Mark Waldman talks about “God’s Brain” and medical imaging. Early authoritarian concepts cause a fear reaction vs love.   

Dr. Stan Tatkin on the topic of technology and love, emphasizing the importance of being face to face for some communication. 

Dr. Amen, 10x PBS show host, gives advice on how to work through the loss of love. He explains how to get the fishhooks out of your heart after a breakup by having a balanced perspective.

Dr. Rick Hansen, “The Neurodharma of Love” talks about the brain’s negativity bias. We remember negative information more easily than positive thus the saying, “Once burned, twice shy”. The brain is like velcro for the negative but teflon for the positive. 

Drs. Helen Fisher, Google analytics “World’s Most Quoted on Love”, and Stan Tatkin, PsyD. author of Wired for Love, explain early stage love. Is it lust or love?